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Filcro Media Staffing has had the privilege and honor of recruiting for some of the most talented program practices executives in the broadcasting industry today. 

Identifying and recruiting senior editors, closed captioning and talented editorial personnel in this area is always an honor for everyone here at Filcro Media Staffing. Our firm has watched those who are gifted editors and  word-smiths flourish under the guidance of noted TV executives who are greatly esteemed amongst their peers in the broadcasting and advertising industries.

A role model for all of us in the broadcasting industry as a talented visionary in this area  who has mentored and developed many broadcasting professionals would have to be Matthew Margo at CBS.   His senior strategic leadership, insightful contributions and humanity are eloquently expressed under his tutelage of CBS Television Programming and CBS Cares. Matthew Margo is a prime example of how one gifted broadcasting executive can make such a substantial contribution to a vast global community that benefits from his works.

Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience for Major TV Networks in Broadcasting and Cable has been within numerous program practices’ disciplines associated with the assimilation, editorial review, dissemination and promotion of this business environment so vital to production, programming and advertising to diverse audiences across multiple media platforms.

With ever changing broadcast regulations from the FCC and increased revenue opportunities from digital TV, mobile, library repackaging from CMS, educational, PSA’s, reality and live TV, this is a dynamic environment that offers strategic positioning and synergies for the monetization of B2B, B2C and C2C relationships. 

Substantial revenue generation of this area is achievable with proper strategic leadership and cross platform acumen.  Searches are conducted for MSO, OTA, Cable, Mobile, Broadcast Network, OTT, Satellite and Digital Media Broadcasters for single platform dissemination, multicast or multiplex broadcasting. For closed captioning and related technology sales recruitment please proceed to media technology sales and media services sales.

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