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Reviews of Filcro Media Recruiters for Media Public Relations and Media Corporate Communications Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing A Broadcasting Executive Search Firms that specialize in Public Relations and Corporate Communications   Corporate Communications

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Filcro Media Staffing recruits talented CCO’s, VP’s, Directors and Managers of various media communication functions. The firm also identifies talented writers, producers, human resource messaging, marketing, legislative and shareholder relations leadership for domestic and global dissemination across all media platforms.

The firm’s recruitment guidance takes into consideration that each client’s corporate communications function is unique. From major TV Networks to the Fortune 50-1000.  Filcro Media Staffing provides the line personnel and leadership required for domestic and international market dissemination.

Every corporate culture has distinct needs and messaging.  The compilation of Filcro Media Staffing’s executive search experience in the media, broadcasting and communications industries offers many benefits to those utilizing the firm’s specialized recruitment capabilities.

Filcro Media Staffing has staffed environments with over 100,000 employees and those as small as 150 with the same care, efficacy and understanding.  We assure that the proper corporate communications executive is attracted no matter the size or location of the organization.

Many non-media based corporations have global TV, digital networks and in-house advertising functions that are highly sophisticated from a broadcast operations, production and post production perspective.  Filcro Media Staffing has been successfully staffing these environments with talented corporate communications executives since the firm’s founding in 1985.

Filcro Media Staffing Corporate Communications Exeutive Search Firms

A Filcro Media Staffing Review
Corporate Communications Executive Search

Filcro Media Staffing Review Executive Search reviews for Corporate communicationsFilcro Media Staffing Review Executive Search reviews for Corporate communications   Strategic Global Television Programming
   Corporate Communications
   Memphis, TN - USA
   On Air and Online

Executive Search Firm

Filcro Media Staffing reporting to the Director of Global Communications (DGC) - Officer in Charge of Search - Tony Filson


FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX)Review of Corporate Communications and Media Executive Search Reviews by Tony Filson provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services.  With annual revenues of $30 billion, the company offers integrated business applications through operating companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brands.  FedEx worldwide network services links 220 countries.

Consistently ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers, FedEx inspires its more than 250,000 employees and contractors to remain "absolutely, positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of their customers and communities.

The Executive Search

To identify, recruit, qualify and attract a Manager of Strategic Global Television Programming to produce compelling stories across multiple media platforms about the FedEx organization and FedEx employees who make the company one of the best to work for in the world.  A creative media executive capable of  finding common ground to build relationships with employees, cultures, clients and shareholders of this Fortune 100 Company.

Client Situation

Corporate Communications Executive Search Firms that specialize  in Corporate Communications Executive SearchThe Director of Global Communications had built a world class corporate communications organization and was now looking to hire a talented producer of content that could serve multiple corporate clients with varied messages to covey.  Functioning autonomously and with cross-functional teams would be essential on a business, technical and creative levels.

Industry and Sector Inclusion for Universe Compilation (ISIUC)

  • Broadcast Television Network News
  • Cable Television Network News
  • Corporate Communications and Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Public Broadcasting Documentary Production
  • Long Form Production
  • Press Agencies
  • NGO’s
  • Independent Production Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Technology & Media Management Consulting

Subsequent to Filcro Media Staffing being retained

Filcro Media Staffing with Tony Filson as Officer in Charge of Search  participated in a number of meetings in New York City with the Director of Global Corporate Communications who gave clear insights into the current and future plans for this critical environment within FedEx.

The DGC being a noted talented executive producer was looking for a distinctive feel to the current body of work of each candidate and provided reels of pieces in production currently that should be used as means while Filcro Media Staffing reviewed each producer's work.

Over 80 talented programming and production professionals were profiled from all over the world by Filcro Media Staffing for this Corporate Communications executive search. The search universe consisted of candidates from every ISIUC listed for review. After extensive interviews in New York City and Memphis and compiling three tiers of qualified candidates, when the top two candidates were placed side-by-side, it was difficult to choose just one, because both were perfect fits from creative, business and cultural perspectives.

Candidates were sourced from Asia, South America, Africa and the United States all relevant to FedEx from a business and cultural perspective.  The materials reviewed on each candidate were broad and included writing and production elements plus strategic justification statements.

Some of the challenges facing the new executive

FedEx and Filcro Media Staffing Corporate Comminications Executive Search Firms

  • Serving a Large and Varied Internal Client Base and Cross-Functional Teams
  • Disseminating to Varied Audiences
  • Conveying Information to a Global Community of Diverse Cultures and Languages
  • Adapting Programming to Diverse Media Platforms
  • Setting Global Production Standards
  • Making Media Resources Apparent and Available to The Organization
  • Hiring and Managing Staff to Facilitate Rapidly Changing Messaging Needs


Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify global organizations with specific "production" and “programming” environments that produce quality content similar to the client’s needs.

Recruiting from the identified universe in the United States proved to be more productive than any other market.  Based on the necessity of identifying an executive who could garner internal consensus and partner with those outside of media environments who had media needs, we needed a person who could convey ideas in “English” and not “Media” at times.  The acceptance and assimilation into the corporate culture of a U.S. based Fortune 100 would make the balance of business, technical and creative skills a delicate undertaking.  Art versus science.

Successful Executive Recruited

Filcro Media Staffing Review Media Executive Search Firms that specialize in Corporate Communications and Corporate TV and Video Executive Search ReviewsA EMMY recipient and multiple EMMY nominee of work product directly related to the global interests of FedEx with TV and long form experience that creatively told compelling stories regardless of geographic or culture.  Also, as the recipient of the NANCY REYNOLDS AWARD while at ABC 20/20 she proved to be an exceptional talent who was recognized by her peers and the broadcasting community for her exceptionally high standards.  

As Executive Producer she had extensive international, domestic, creative and business experience with: ABC, Hallmark, MSNBC, History Channel, Discover Communications, Court TV, FOX and many others where her work was respected and recognized.

Her experience in the United States, Asia and Europe enabled her to relate to a diverse global community of employees, customers and cultures that make up the fabric of FedEx.

Her equal aplomb in a boardroom, production meeting or edit session made her a perfect fit for the demanding corporate culture she would be functioning within serving a diverse constituency.

Executive Search Summary

The corporate communications executive was successfully attracted and relocated to Memphis,TN.

She has proven to be a vital resource in the conveyance of ideas, concepts, feelings and important messages to shareholders, the public, and over 200,000 dedicated employees from varied cultures who work for this leading global corporation.

This executive and her direct report were promoted to the Director and Vice President of Strategic Communications at FedEx, respectively. With the executive recruited by Filcro Media Staffing promoted again with regulatory affairs.  This was a highly successful executive search for everyone involved.

Filcro Media Staffing Review Broadcasting and Corporate Communications Executive Search for Fortune 500 CompaniesFilcro Media Staffing Reviews corporate communications executive search for producers and executive producers of global corporate communications contentReviews of Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson     Review of Specialized Reatined Media Executive Search Firms for Corporate Communications Filcro Media Staffing  
Employers: to discuss a corporate communications search please contact, Tony Filson

Filcro Media Staffing Corporate Communications Executive Search


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Vice President
Global Marketing and
Corporate Communications

Communication Technologies, Internal Broadcasting & Advertising Production
A U.S. based multinational diversified financial conglomerate




Vice President Corporate TV Network Corporate Communications Executive Search Firms Case History Corporate Television Executive Search  Corporate Communications Executive Search Broadcasting Production and Post Production  Recrutiment for Corporate TV Networks and Corporate Communications

Newark, NJ - USA
Client: Prudential (NYSE PRU)
Reporting to 
SVP Corporate Communications and SVP Human Resources - USA
Assigned to    Filcro Media Staffing - Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson

Client Prudential is a 50,000 employee diversified U.S. based global financial conglomerate operating in the United States, Asia, Europe and South America with an internal global television network, internal advertising agency and corporate communication facilities to include: Production, Post-Production, Terrestrial Distribution, Advertising, Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Remote Sales Training & Employee Development.

Search Vice President – Global Marketing and Corporate Communications

Client Situation The Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Communications identified Filcro Media Staffing through their contacts at a Major TV Network as well as having knowledge of a completed search for a senior most Executive Producer at a competing global financial services company. The firm was seeking a honed change agent who could tactically and strategically transform the firm’s corporate communications environment into a world class producer of media to serve a broad international constituency of internal and external clients.

Industry and Sector inclusion for universe compilation

  • Television Broadcasting
  • Advertising
  • On-Air Promotion - Agency, Network & Production Houses
  • Production and Post Production - All Industries
  • Terrestrial Distribution - Corporate & TV Network
  • Public Relations - Specific to Industry
  • Corporate Communications - Internal & External
  • Advertising, Marketing, HR and Training within the Financial Industries

Filcro Media Staffing is retained

Corporate Communications Executive Search Firms for TV and Interactive Media Production and in-house TV Ntwoeks for training, human resources and corpoate communicationsThe Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search Tony Filson was asked to commence a national search and establish a search document to identify a VP with the capacity to lead and develop the global communication interests of one of the world's largest financial organizations on a creative and technical level. The implementation of change management, best practices, advanced distribution and creative issues across all business lines was to be improved through identification by Filcro Media Staffing.

Filcro Media Staffing was provided with O&D charting and succession plans for all global Comm. divisions of the parent company. Clear definitions were established with HR and sensitive internal areas of concern with regard to succession planning were addressed from the onset. Filcro Media Staffing had a cultural understanding of the firm through prior identification in the industry and understood the sensitivities of inserting a new VP external to the financial industries accustomed to functioning with broad autonomy on a business, technical and creative level.

The diversity of the operating divisions of the company posed little difficulty based on a “common” need creatively globally. Filcro Media Staffing established a hierarchy of desired skill sets and industry experience to proceed with universe compilation and tiering. The fact that Filcro Media Staffing reported directly to the hiring manager and was given unusual assistance through HR to obtain detailed skill assessments of the immediate reporting line helped enormously.

Due to the autonomy that each operating group of the company enjoyed and the unique creative needs of each group it would be a challenge to identify an executive who could retool infrastructure while creatively producing copious amounts of daily produced live shows, taped shows, training materials, advertising and corporate communication materials for off and on-air use all while maintaining global distribution of a 24/7 internal global TV Network.

Challenges facing the new Vice President of Corporate Communications

  • Change Management
  • Creative Development
  • Systems & Employee Development
  • Enhancement and Ease of Global Network Usage
  • Enhanced Production & Post Standards Across Varied Lines of Business
  • Budget Controls
  • Studio Resource - Best Practices
  • Internal Advertising Agency Optimization - Creative & Production
  • Synergy with External Advertising Agency Resources

The Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Solution

Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify the "best in industry" corporate communications,  broadcast operations, on-air-promo and executive producer level employees from (3) three different industries. Our ideal was to draw from environments that where decentralized and less myopic then most. This person had to have had control of global resources on the creative and technical side as well as hands-on experience with formulation and implementing creative concepts to produce high-end finished products.

An executive capable of focusing live, live to tape and industrial on and off-air product was essential. More effective policies needed to be put in place to “clean” the creative process. With many different requests coming in from such a diverse client base, prior creative product was no longer fresh and a new look on and off-air was needed to stimulate business, marketing, sales and public relations interests.

We needed to recruit an executive who understood the development and programming issues of a network who would be content to remain and grow in a corporate environment with a culture vastly different from Network TV or an advertising agency. This challenge had more to do with perceived vs. actual creative autonomy and Filcro Media Staffing established consensus about the autonomy level from the onset to assure that this person would remain with the firm for many years to come.

The reeducation of staff on technical and creative levels was also essential and we needed an executive who understood the “complete” production, development and operations process. Our initial overview of the O&D chart led us to believe that the firm could save substantial money through adopting a complete workflow process as soon as possible. 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation equipment spread in many different studios was causing continuity issues that were unnecessary for production and post production. A proper CMS also needed to be established along with normalization of the content itself.

The SVP of HR was receptive to our approach and gave Filcro Media Staffing full autonomy during the executive search process to determine the proper skill sets and experience required.

Vice President of Corporate Communications Recruited

A Vice President, Advertising, On-Air Promotion & Production from Florida - USA who was responsible for the on-air look, design and team management of a major cable TV network, with  penetration into over 100 million households worldwide. This Network Vice President supervised three of the six production divisions of the Cable TV Network: On-Air Advertising and Promotion, Broadcast Design (Graphic and Animation), and Studio Production / Post Production and managed a highly respected staff of Network creative directors, writers, executive producers, directors, scenic designers, composers, promo schedulers, art directors, computer and animation artists, lighting directors, camera operators et al.  Yes! Florida?!

    The Process




At one of the world’s largest advertising agencies his departments were accountable for the creation and production of more than 3000 commercials, On-Air & Cross Channel Promos, and TV productions annually. They also produced work aired on or for : USA Network, SyFyOctober Films, Gramercy Pictures, Ticketmaster,, and, all major players in the entertainment and electronic commerce industries, and many headed by Barry Diller.

Corporate Communications TV Graphics Executive Search for TV Networks for Corporations with internal creative services advertising production and Interactive web based internal TV networksPrior to the above, the executive was VP of Creative Services & Production and managed the day-to-day business and creative direction of an advertising / creative services agency. He was responsible for the development and production of the daily On-Air Promos for The Ricki Lake Show, theme and weekly music for ABC-TV’s situation comedy, Spin City starring Michael J. Fox (produced by Dreamworks), theme music for ABC-TV’s Regis & Kathie Lee, branding partners in the launch and ongoing image of the MSNBC Network, branding of Madison Square Garden; created and managed the national advertising campaign of Service Merchandise, among others.

Executive Search Firms that recruit award winning corporate communications executivesThis executive also receive recognition from the industry itself receiving such awards as: ITA Platinum Award as an Executive Producer People Magazine and Video Review magazine Top Ten Video Picks Clio Award for Advertising Excellence (Writer - Producer - Director) Peabody Awards Archives (Co-Writer - Director) Smithsonian Institution Archives (Writer - Director - Producer) International Film and Television Festival Award (Executive Producer) 2 Grand, 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze International Alliance of Business Communicators Award (Executive Producer) 1 Grand, 1 Gold International Television Association (various) Chicago Film Festival (Writer - Producer) Ann Arbor Film Festival (Writer) Telly Awards (various) Editorial Advisory Board for Video Manager magazine Listed in the  Who's Who In America and the Who’s Who In The East Published in: The Hollywood Reporter, Journal of Broadcasting, Backstage, Variety, Advertising Age, Videography Guest speaker and panelist at various industry conferences, colleges and universities.

This executive and his family were relocated from Florida to New Jersey and made a very smooth transition. This executive has raised the bar for this global financial conglomerate and is recognized as a respected leader in his field.

Employers: to discuss a corporate communications search please contact, Tony Filson

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